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Teeth Whitening & Veneers

The best way to bleach teeth is with a custom fit tray made by the dentist on models of the patient’s teeth. The tray is worn for one to two hours a day and most bleaching is accomplished within two weeks. Touch-ups are required every few months. We do not do the one hour bleaching as it adds considerably to the cost, still requires wearing the trays to complete the process and usually causes much more sensitivity than using the trays alone. The sensitivity that may arise with bleaching will subside.

Veneers allow partial coverage of a tooth to allow changing the shape or color of tooth without having to aggressively reduce the tooth. Minor orthodontic esthetic problems can be corrected with veneers depending on a number of factors such as tooth size, tooth position, lip and gum line positions, and existing restorations and decay. These are determined in the comprehensive exam.